​​Gervais Public Works manages maintenance of city water, waste water and street system functions and quality as well as Gervais City property and buildings. The waste water (sewer) system is made up of approximately 3 miles of sewer lines and 2 pump stations. The sewer treatment plant consists of 3 treatment lagoons and 50 acres of poplar trees.  Irrigation of these trees comes from the 3rd lagoon.  On average, the waste water flow is between 4.6 and 7.1 million gallons per month. 

The Gervais water system consists of 2 wells, two 350,000 gallon storage reservoirs and a water treatment plant that is designed to remove the iron and manganese from the water.  Currently the City of Gervais has approximately 650 active water services which serve about 2500 people. The normal water usage can vary from 4.1 to 9.2 million gallons of water per month.  Water testing is 2 times per month for purity, and we are considered to have some of the finest water in the valley.

The City of Gervais does not complete property surveys nor can we with any accuracy make property pin locations. For proper property surveys please contact a surveyor.  

Kyle Jentzsch, Public Works Superintendent                 Joe Bechtold, Utility Worker                                       Hunter Riggs, Utility Worker
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2022 Drinking Water Report 

​​This is our annual Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) on your drinking water system. The most recently required sampling results have been gathered to inform customers about their tap water. With this information, we hope you will learn more about your water and will help protect the water for future use.

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Office Number: 503-792-4915  

NOTE: For any questions about water accounts or bills, please contact City Hall at 503-792-4900. 

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